Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mt. Rokko again!

Kendra here. So, since Aaron had to miss the last climbing of Mount Rokko, we decided to go before all the leaves fall off the trees. Before we left we had some tasty Ringo Pan. Ringo being Japanese for apple, and Pan being French for bread. Yah, French...they kind of use random loan words all over the place. Anyway...

Moving on. So, we packed a nice lunch and headed on over to the base of the mountain...the most boring part of the whole trip. Nothing but walking up a paved road. Boring! Give me nature!
So, we climb without any problems. Though we did run across three teenage Japanese boys with their shirts off taking a group picture of themselves. Odd, I know. And they all had kanji characters written in tape on their chests. Very odd. Well, aside from that, everything was awesome. We ate our lunch on the top of the mountain and we had a few mountain kitties to keep us company. We took a side trail to see this cool little lake at the top of the mountain. Neato!
Who is this mountaineer?! Here I am in my advanced adventure gear. WMU hoodies are essential climbing gear. So are big, obnoxious hats.
The mountains in Japan form in the shape of stairs for convenience.
Up close shot of some awesome Japanese Maple leaves.
And here is the tree they fell from.
Take a look at him! Upon walking back, as we passed another giant drainage ditch, I happened to look down into it and lo and behold! A big ol' wild boar! You can't really tell from this picture but he was so big! We were about 20ft up from the ditch so we weren't afraid of him attacking or anything. Then,we looked further up the ditch and there was Mama boar with two little boar cute. Daddy boar was just walking by not even caring about us or all the cars whizzing by up ahead. What a sight.

So that was our trip up Mt. Rokko, again. It is really getting rather cold so I am not sure if we will climb again till spring. In other news, the country has all gone insane for Christmas and people here are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and playing some of the most annoying Christmas music I have ever heard. Techno Jingle Bells...

Aaron and I have decorated the house very simply with a few (very cheap) Christmas decorations. We even bought a cheap little Christmas tree. It is a real tree...just only about 1 ft tall. We'll post some pictures later.
Take care.

Oh and there is no snow over here. Repeat, no snow. Kendra is so happy.

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Unknown said...

That apple thing looks awesome. I wish get got fun food shape thing here, to bad Americans don't look at food long enough before gorging themselves on it.