Friday, December 14, 2007

神戸ルミナリエ Kobe Luminarie

Kendra here again. So, we are back from our trip to see the Luminaire festival and WOW it was worth it. But here are some older photos to show first.

I found this pretty little spot at my University while wandering around and killing time after a class was canceled.
Here is Aaron by a very, very large Asahi Beer can at Koshien Stadium, home of the Hanshin Tigers! Go Tigers!!!
Isn't this so cute! Aaron got it for me for Christmas, but, since it is a plant and all (see the tiny cactus in there) he didn't want to wrap it up for fear that it might die or something.
Okay, onto the Luminaire Festival. This festival started in 1995 to commemorate the many weeks people had to go without lights during the aftermath of the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. The towering light sculptures were a donation from the Italian government and each bulb is individually hand painted. The lights go on for a few hours every night for about 2 weeks.
Needless to say, we weren't the only ones who turned out to see the lights. They didn't come on until about 5:30...we got there at 4:15 to get a good spot.
Here is Katherine and Aaron crammed in with hundreds of other people waiting to "ooh" and "ahh" at the lights. Anyone else notice the creepy, blurry baby in the background?
After a good long wait, Shazam! The lights go on, all while loud speakers blare out epic music with lots of church bells and chanting and such. Pretty sweet.
Looks like a painting or something, doesn't it?!
So basically, you could walk down this road with a million other people jostling for elbow room and see the pretty lights. But, they were really pretty and I recommend going to see it, even with all the crowds.
On the way back, we saw this kimono...what a mess! Hearts and leopard print. It's so modern it hurts. And it was a wedding kimono too! Ugh!

After this we went to eat at Pizza Patio! "Nothing Beatsa Patio Pizza," is their slogan and true to word it was the best pizza we have had in Japan. Not only was the menu extensive (and bonus! it had real pizza toppings instead of the regular corn, tuna, and mayonnaise) but it was reasonably priced. The decor was odd but snazzy; playing 50's American tunes but having a log-cabin type feel with random French paintings and-for some reason-pirate guns on the tables. Oh well, they had good food. Aaron was really excited because they claimed to have real pepperoni...alas, it was not to be. It was just ham in a circle shape. Still have yet to find pepperoni on a pizza here. They also had a really awesome looking cheese fondue course that Katherine (a vegetarian cheese-fanatic) was drooling over.

Now we have no more money to spend this weekend so we will spend it playing spider solitaire and doing sudokus. How exciting!


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Anyways looking at those lights really makes me want to play Final Fantasy X. The patterns and such look a hell of a lot like the symbols and such in the temples.

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Merry Christmas!!