Thursday, December 27, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone! The holiday season was indeed a joyous one over here. We had lots of fun, plenty of friends over, and way, way too many cookies.
Katherine, our buddy here in Kobe, is a master baker. She decided to make about 1,000 cookies for Christmas. In total she made almond crescents, snickeroodles (the majority of which was consumed in batter form), apricot jam chocolate chip, gingerbread men, and pumpkin chocolate chips...which made Anna cry. Lots of things made Anna cry this season, but mostly it was anything with pumpkin and chocolate chips in them,
We exchanged gag gifts and we also did a more serious gift exchange; lots of fun and everyone got something cool. People stated for a few days and we went shopping and ate out at lots of places. All in all it was a great time. Here are some pictures!

This was Christmas eve day. We are enjoying a nice stroll through a really crowded mall.
From left to right this is Hannah, Andrea, me, Anna, and Mana. They are all Fulbright Fellows as well. Hannah and Anna live on Kyuushuu, Mana lives in the Osaka area, and Andrea lives in Kyoto.
Here I am with my ugly Christmas sweater and my Christmas moustache.
This is the bounty of Christmas cookies that Katherine Made. We ate most of them Christmas Eve night around 11 pm...we all had a major sugar rush. We then ate the rest of them for breakfast Christmas morning.
Here is Mana with her Christmas ensemble, complete with Panda fanny pack (gag gift).
This is Hannah intently watching Charles at his turn of "Black Jenga," which is a Japanese version of Jenga where the pieces tell you to do or say funny and embarrassing things. He knocked it over that turn and had to eat this sugar Santa from the top of the Christmas cake.
Here we are the day after Christmas on our way to shop and eat giant Sasebo burgers at the cafe.From the left, Anna, Charles, Aaron, Ben S., Andrea, and Hannah. Charles doesn't always look like that I swear.

Aaron got me a beautiful kimono set and I got him an acoustic guitar.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas day. We missed you all. New years over here is pretty serious so we have even more events to celebrate before this year is done. I'll be sure to post some more pictures soon.
Happy Holidays!