Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's beginning to look alot did last month

Hello there, Kendra here. No new amazing pictures yet but tonight we are going to the Kobe Luminaire festival so we should get some nice pictures there. I bet it is snowy back in Michigan. Not here my friends. Not a single flake. It does get cold at night though. I hear rumor that it might snow here sometime, but I doubt this year. Just doesn't seem cold enough.

Nothing really too exciting been going on. Aaron and I are just about out of money for this month so we have been taking it easy and not really doing anything because doing anything in this country cost money.

Oh, I did finally get to go to a doctor about my ear. Yes, it is still ringing. It has been ringing non-stop since August. I really don't think it will ever stop. Sigh. So, the doctor here put me through the same tests a back home. My hearing in the left hear is permanently damaged but it is not that bad. Still within relatively normal limits. What drives me bonkers is the ringing!! I just want it to stop!! So, I am going to get an MRI done just to take a look-see in my brain to check it out. But, as the Japanese doctor said in his broken English, "To tell truth, there isn't much we can do for the ringing of ears. So sorry."

Hope everyone back home is happy and healthy! Enjoy the Holidays!

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