Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Good lord the Japanese keyboard is hard to master. I type like a little kid here.
A brief update:

Aaron and I found a way to play our DVD's on the TV without having to try and find a sleezy store to buy a semi-illegal region-free DVD player! We got an S-video cable going from my computer to the TV, then we bought some mini speakers to hook up to my laptop and BAM! instant mini-theater. It works pretty good.

We've been walking around our neighborhood more and found lots of cool stuff:a new train station, a 99 Yen grocery mart (yes, like a dollar store but only food!) a Makudonado...sound it out...McDonalds! (yes, I despire it in the states but it's way better joke!) and all sorts of little food shops. The 99 Yen store is the best thing ever though. I still can not believe it exist. Japan is so awesome sometimes.


Well, we tried to get cell phones yesterday...or rather I sat there while my friend Kanako-san did all the talking. Basically, we can not get out phones until we have our Proof of Alien Registration Card, which was can not get until Oct. 15th. Poop. So, we have to wait. Plus, the phones here are expensive, and you have to pay to talk by the minute. But, since Aaron and I have a fmaily plan, we can talk to eachother for free. That's pretty cool.

Still looking to get a bike but you have to get it new and it will be like $100 at least. Grr...someone invent a shrinking ray and send me my bike! Oh and magnets...I need fridge magnets. I can not seem to find them ANYWHERE!


Unknown said...

No Refrigerator magnets? Where do Japanese people hang up all their kids crappy "Art" or take out menus.

Ryan said...

i hear Japanese kids are smarter than American kids so their art is probably all hanging in some museum somewhere. and as for the menus, they just memorize those with a quick glance.