Friday, September 7, 2007

This must be a sitcom somewhere.

So, interesting house news. Got an email today explaining lots of goodies:
  • we get to send our luggage to our pseudo-host family, which is awesome.
  • our pseudo-host mom is picking us up from the train station, yay! I love not getting lost!
  • We are riding the train to the Kobe area with another Fulbrgiter! Yay, strength in numbers.
  • Our house rent is lowered to ¥ 80,000 a month. This is because we are now sharing the lower half and kitchen area with the landlord's son.

Okay, actually, when you think about it; not so bad. I'm sure he's a nice guy of course, it's not that I don't think he'll be a cool dude. Just that admittedly, Aaron and I are an odd pair of people, and Aaron looks like a viking and he listens to scary metal music from Scandinavia. I just don't want to freak the hell out of this guy.

We get to go and look at the house on the 15th with the landlord and everything so I'm sure that everything will work out okay. Who knows, he could be a super awesome dude who helps us out buying stuff and Aaron to learn Japanese customs. Or he could be a normal salaryman who slips in at 3 am very inebriated only to slink back to the old grindstone at 7 am the next. Either way, it should be fun, ne?

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