Friday, September 12, 2008

We're home!

We made it back to America in one piece, well sort of.

Getting to Osaka International would never have been possible if it were not for Katherine and Abel. The helped carry all our luggage and clean the house on the final day. Thanks so much guys, wow.

The flight from Osaka to San Francisco was eh, not too bad. The seats were impossibly small but they played good movies and a nice flight attendant helped Aaron put his guitar in a closet up in first class because it was too big for the over head bin. So, the guitar rode first class not us.

Landing in San Fan, we got off and had to transfer all our luggage to our connecting flight. First thing that struck me was how rude every one was. I know that working in an airport makes you a pretty stressed out person but, seriously, we as Americans can be terribly rude. And pushy. And demanding. I waited in line for some soup at the food court and I almost lost my appetite just listening to the horrible things people were saying. And there are just SO MANY over weight people. I'm sorry but it's true. I mean, I'm all for healthy, realistic body images....but then there is just plain over doing it.

So, the flight to Chicago not so fun. I feel asleep and Aaron listened to my MP3 player, which made it go pretty fast. Landing in Chicago we got our luggage together and then waited for Andy to pick us up. After a drive home, Andy told us he had work the next day and we were tired so we were just going to go to bed. So, we walk in and put all our stuff down and go to lay down and KABLAMMERS! SURPRISE!

There is our Kalamazoo buddies all sitting in the living room with a welcome home sign and a bunch of beer! haha. Oh boy, what a great night. We handed out some of our gifts for people and then stayed up telling stories and eating pizza!

Aaron and I then slept until 2pm. Woke up and walked to the Crows Nest for breakfast. I got hash browns...real hash browns. With ketchup out of a glass bottle. JOY.

So, we are just now starting to get our things in order. We have almost no furniture right now. Not even a bed. I at least am still feeling the ill effects of Jet lag.

Hopefully soon we will have our car and some cell phones and be able to get in touch with everybody. Till then, take care!

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