Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Update

Here are some interesting pictures I've been meaning to post. Okay so this one up here is from the Tenjin Matsuri, big fireworks in Osaka, lots of people dress in yukata, summer kimono. And no one in Japan dresses as outrageously as people from Osaka. The trend this year was big, orange hair, I mean big. Huge. Towering piles of hair. This was one of the biggest we saw. Here she is in all her glory in a Lawson conbini. She could hide food in there...or a small dog.

Here is a bunch of us at the same festival...though we don't have giant hair, I think we looked pretty snazzy.
This is at another fireworks show near Osaka. Aaron wore his "#1" head band. The fireworks went on for 45 minutes, it was crazy. Awesome show. Abel somehow pulled out a couple of Blue Moon beers from some magical worm hole. It was great.

Japan has the best cigarettes. This is Death brand, but it's okay, they are Death Lights. And they only serioulsy damage your health, they don't kill you...but then why are they called Death? Oh Japan, you're so funny.

Here is Mana showing off the Final Fulbright Fellow Farewell party Fuji climb Flag. Everyone who climbed Fuji-san signed it.

Be careful! This is level 10 hot curry from coco ichibanya curry house. It's hot, hot, spicy hot. Most people eat about a level 2 or 3. Most Japanese peole get -1. This is level 10. I ate my way up to it starting at level 5. It was good but really was one of the spiciest things I've ever eaten.

In other news, we get home around 8 pm on September 10th. We fly into Chicago after stop in San Franciso. Andy is being super awesome and picking us up with all our bags from the airport. What a guy! Cool too since he was the one to drop us off.

My gracious mother tells me that we are having a party on September 27th in Muskegon. It's a welcome home/wedding shower. I never got a wedding shower and I want my toaster and blender damnit! Hehe.

Everyone in Kalamazoo or elsewhere, I am sure we will also have a get together in Kazoo as well sometime. The jet lag is most likely going to be bad. I was sick for a few days last time I came back from Japan as well. So, we shall see how we are feeling. But but all means, please come visit! We want to see you all.

Till then!

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