Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines day, dude.

Happy Valentines Day everybody. In Japan, Valentines day is celebrated but, of course, in an very Japanese way. Instead of the man getting his lady something, the women get the men chocolate. And not just their husbands or boyfriends, but like all the men they know. They get their and so on. This kind of chocolate is termed "duty chocolate." It's usually just a little box of okay quality chocolate, nothing too crazy. But, if the woman has a significant other or a secret crush, she gives him a special kind of chocolate that is much nicer and fancier. I got Aaron some mini-snickers bars...fancy as it gets I say.

Honestly, he's been talking about them for a while now. I think he missed American candy. I had to get these at an import store.

Okay now we go back in time bit. Last weekend we went to Nara to visit a friend again. He had the new Smash Brothers for Nintendo Wii, so we were all excited to see it. Well, long story short, we had a great time. On the way home, Aaron, Katherine and I decided to get some food at Osaka Station and we decided on this place initially just to get Udon noodles. So, once we get in the place we find out it is a Kaiten sushi place, conveyor belt sushi!
Now, these places are not known for having the best sushi in the world, and true they are a little gimmicky but they are soooo cool! So, we sat in a booth and basically a giant conveyor belt loops around the entire restaurant. Each plate is coded for a certain price so you just take a plate you like off the belt then keep the plate so the waitress can total your plates at the end to come up with your final total. There is a huge variety of things going around and the chefs keep putting new stuff on the belt all the time.
The prices are listed on cards that tell you what kind of sushi you're grabbing. See the video at the bottom.
Okay, this is from yesterday. We went to a museum and there was this old water pipe outside showing how water pipes looked in the Meiji era. It I guess.

Here is Aaron and Andrea pointing at the water pipe. Oh what fun!Here is Aaron and I at the sign for the Kobe Museum. The current exhibit is a huge collection of Ukiyo-e, wood blook prints. You've probably seen them before. They are old Japanese prints showing famous kabuki actors, geisha, famous places, stuff like that. You've probably seen the one of the Great Wave. It's really famous. The exhibit was great. They didn't have my favorite piece but it was still really cool.
We are also currently borrowing a Wii, so we've been remembering all those cherished Wii moments...ahh...wii bowling. nothing like it.
I got this cool doll FOR FREE! Weird huh. The lady was just giving her away. I can only think of two reasons why; one is that usually when you want to get ride of a doll you have to take it to a Buddhist temple and have it burned in some kind of ceremony, so maybe that was a hassle for her. The other reason is that it is cursed and she just needed to get ride of it quick. So far, the doll has not come to life and tried to kill us...but we've got our eye on her.

Here is the video of the sushi highway.

Hope you are all keeping warm.
Pretty soon we will have some more interesting things to update on. The trip to Tokyo is coming up really soon. Miss you all!

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