Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The long, cold of winter

Kendra here. Sorry for the long absence we've been very busy...Ahh who am I kidding. We've been bored. SO BORED! It's too cold to go out and do something, and it's too cold inside to do anything other than sit around the heated table. Plus we are trying to save up some money for all the up coming madness; Mid-year conference in Tokyo at the end of February, Mom and Jason coming to visit at the end of April, and trips to all over once it gets warm again.

We haven't done anything too crazy but here are some pictures.

Can you see the tiny little snow flakes? Yah, this was the "snowstorm"we had here in Kobe a week or two ago. Needless to say,nothing stayed on the ground. We've still had no snow. And of course, I am very happy about that.

This is a picture for Kate Binder. Look! I found a bakery especially for you! I'm sure you could have something from here...(just messing k8, miss you! have some corn chips for me...god I miss corn chips...)

AND I missed sub sandwiches...until! we went to the Subway on Rokko Island for the first time last week. I got a simple turkey on wheat while Aaron went for the slightly exotic Cajun Chicken. They actually had a lot of "normal" subway stuff on the menu, but they also had some really unique to Japan things, like shrimp, egg, and hot dog on a sub sandwich.

Here is Aaron getting all Samurai'd up in a traditional men's kimono. The nice lady putting it on it Tanigawa-san, the lady whose house we stayed at for a few days. She is such a cool lady.
Here we both are in our kimono at Tanigawa-san's house. My kimono that she let me borrow was soooo gorgeous. Mine all paled in comparison to this one of she had.

Here is Katherine's turn to put a kimono on. She had a pretty black and butterfly motiff. The lady in the picture is of course Tanaigawa-san.

Katherine looking....looking at something more interesting than me taking the picture.

Tomorrow I am going to go get a MRI of my brain to make sure nothing is wrong in there. The ringing in my ear has been going on 24/7 since August 2007. I really don't think it will ever stop now. I would really like to know why it happened even if they can't fix it. There is about a >1% chance that it will be something brain related but with the great insurance I have over here (back home and MRI easily would cost upwards of $1,000, here it is only about 10,000 yen-about $100) I have to take advantage of it. So yay! for insurance.

This weekend we are heading to Nara again to hang out, play some video games, lots of cool stuff. Really nothing too exciting coming up until the Mid-year conference. More on that later!

Peace, take it easy, KENDRA


stevecombs said...

Dear Kendra Im at the library and ive been on this coputer here for hrs. Anyway Iwant to tell you I miss you and tell Aaron HI!!!
Sedn me your E-mail address so I can use my account that I set up here. My g-mail acct. is steveoh2.5

Kendra C. said...

Hey Dad! Cool! I'm glad you're reading the blog. I tried to email you but the address you typed in doesn't seem to work. Did you type it in correctly? Well, mine is email me okay! miss you lots, Kendra