Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Frustrations abound!

Grr...sometimes everything is just crappy. You know, like 10 things go wrong in a row and you just can't take it anymore!

Well, getting the cell phone is becoming more and more complicated. For some reason, they need to "examine" our info to make sure Aaron and I are actually married so we qualify for the family plan. My guess is out different last names are blowing their minds. Anything out of the ordinary and it needs to be checked and double checked, then they need to call 5 more people to have them check as well. I just want a phone!!! Ahh!!!

I got so frustrated yesterday that I splurgged and bought a little MP3 player. Only 2 gigs, but it is very sleek and pretty. On sale too.

Aaron's only reply is that he wants more Famicon games...


Matt said...

Remember: no matter how much frustration comes your way, it sure as hell beats drifting down a river with hypothermia breathing down your back!

Ryan said...

kendra, have you heard weather or not the new Evangelion movie is any good?