Friday, August 31, 2007

Hydoponic what?!

Aaron and I got an invite today to go eat at a place called, get this, "Hydroponic Broccoli." Yes, it's an underground hydroponic vegetable farm underneath the busy streets of Tokyo.

The house offer we received is looking more, and more appealing. It is a 3-bedroom house in Kobe with nothing too negative about it other than the fridge is busted. A used one shouldn't cost too much money I hear.

I would have to commute about 30 min to get to my school but in Japan that isn't that bad. Hell, in American that isn't that bad. The really cool thing is the rent per month is looking like between ¥ 100,00 and ¥ 120,000, that is like $1,000-$1, the region. Which in Japan is really good!

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