Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mom and Jason's visit pt.1


So, these pictures are out of order, sorry. I was pulling pictures from my camera, mom's camera, and Jason's camera so it got hard to keep everything in the right order. Oh well!

Mom and Jay got here on May 1st. We picked them up from the airport and went back to Kobe via the high speed ferry, which was a neat way to travel, plus it was practically empty. Of course, Mom and Jay were their wonderful selves so they were loud and crazy...so it was a good thing it was pretty empty on the ferry!
It was so great to see family after so long apart. But, let's get to the pictures! The first part will be from our 3 day trip to Tokyo. These are out of order so I will just put a note under them.

Here is Mom and Jay demonstrating the proper way to walk down the street in Tokyo (see the glowing sign above them). Great job guys. This was our first night in Tokyo. We were on our way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building to see the night view.

This was from our second day in Tokyo. We were in the Harajuku area and we stopped for lunch at a place called Fuji-mama's. Well, we couldn't find the place, so we just went to an open air street restaurant. It was Chinese/Thai/Japanese mix. It was cheap and very tasty. I had to get this ramen just because of the description...and the painful spice on china did indeed enter it was spicy as hell!

Here is the full spread. Mom and Jay got cashew chicken and Aaron got a kind of Nasai Goreng rice and we also got some awesome side dishes. It was top notch.

Here we are at the 3 story Daiso dollar store in Harajuku. Mom and Aaron are samuari and I think Jay is a balding Salaryman. Attractive.

This is the view from the Ryokan, Japanese Inn, that we stayed at the second night in Tokyo. It is famous for its night view of the pagoda at Sensoji temple.

Here we are on our way to Tokyo via the Shinkansen bullet train. As mom and Jay are demonstrating it is popular to drink on the train... and drink we did.

Here is the entrance to Harajuku that we visited on the second day. It was SOOO busy! It was a holiday so everyone was out shopping. We did have the fortune to see not 1, but 3 men dressed up as Lolita girls...like dressed in skirts with petticoats and lace and ribbons and blonde wigs and everything. Bizzare!

This is a shot of the Japanese style bath at the ryokan. It was lovely. Jason may or may not have accidentally broken something here...

OKay, this is out of order. This was when Mom and Jay first got here.

Here we are the first night in Japan. Katherine came over and we went to a little restaurant down the road.

Here we are looking lovely waiting for the Shinkansen to arrive. Check out Aaron's lack of moustache!

This is such a cute picture! The shinkansen is behind us, cool!

Here are some of the left-overs from Mom and Jay's drinking binge on the train.

Our first night we stayed at a youth hostel. Here we are settling in. Jay is practicing for Miss Saigon perhaps?

Here we are in front of one of the Buddha statues at Sensoji temple.

Frolicking in the rain at the park on the way to the Tokyo National Museum.

"Hey look. A fountain."

This is in Harajuku again. We are trying on some slick shades at a 300 yen store.

Haha. This is when we traveled back to Kobe and had a few drinks. We're weird.

So, part 2 will include our trip to Kyoto.
See you then!

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