Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cherry Trees at my University

Hello everyone, Kendra here. School is back in session at my University, Kwansei Gakuin. in Nishinomiya city, about 1 hour by train from where we live in Kobe. I have started back up attending my adivsor's zemi which is just Japanese for seminar...semi...zemi; see it makes sense!
Anyways, the road leading up to my school is really famous for its Sakura. The whole area is just lined with row after row of beautiful, old cheery trees.

The Sakura just keep going! Like a whole row of pretty pink clouds all along the road.

I thought this was a funny shot. A regular old bench and underneath it a whole mound of sakura petals, it just made me laugh to look at it for some reason.

Here are more blankets of Sakura petals but this time in a garden so it looks quite a bit more magical than under a bench. This is on my campus in the Japanese garden area. The whole ground was carpeted in pink petals, truly an amazing sight.

A big, old sakura tree...kind of looks like a hand, no? A little creepy.

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