Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We have lift-off

Yatta!!!! We have internet at the house! Our wireless is still a problem, but at least we have a connection through the wall. I am sure Aaron is at home dancing around with his laptop.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. The other Fulbrighters are going to all crash at our place for a while so it should be a pretty big/fun party for a while.

Been feeling the first twangs of homesickness. It happens after being away from home after about 3 months; after the initial joy of being in a new place is gone. I just wish I would have brought more printed pictures with me. I have frames and lots of fridge magnets (thanks mom!) but now I have no pictures to put in them!! Whine, whine.

Nothing else too exciting to update. Life can be boring over here too.

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